What is Ricelly?

Founded by Rice enthusiasts, it’s a cookbox that gives rice lovers the ultimate mess-free, healthy and restaurant-style cooking experience right in their kitchen. Ricelly delivers high-quality rice, spice, and flavour pots with super simple easy to cook kit for delicious recipes straight to your home. This means you will never be confused about what to cook and how to cook your favourite rice dish. Plus, it saves you from unnecessary shopping dilemma.

Why it is worth buying Ricelly Cookbox?

Our per portion per person price starts from £1.75 including rice and other necessary ingredients. Ricelly cookbox offer an amazingly easy kit to cook your favourite dish, just combine meat or veggies of your choice. Our kits taste great on its own. We maintain value for money by cutting out the middleman and selling direct. Our ethical sourcing allows us to manage the supply chain sustainably and reduce pricing for our consumers so your ready meal will cost between £1.75 and £6 per person per meal only.

Can I choose what goes in my Ricelly cookbox?

Yes, of course. You have all control on choosing favourite dishes for your box. Also, it’s very easy anytime to change recipes for your next order.

How many does one cook box serve?

Currently, our one box serves around 10-12 portions. It includes 3 recipes of your choice, each one designed for 2-4 people (depending on portion size).

How does Ricelly flexible subscription work?

It is super easy. We do not offer any confusing contracts, hidden terms, and unwanted extras. We operate as a flexible subscription – meaning there is no minimum term. You can choose from weekly, bi-weekly, monthly delivery of your favourite box. We will send different recipes for every delivery; you can also choose or swap recipes of your choice from your account anytime.

Is it just another spice kit in the market?

No! Our kits come with extraordinarily rich quality rice. We understand your pain behind cooking perfect mess-free rice dish. So we carefully hand-picked the best quality grains for your restaurant-style cooking. You won’t get this kind of combination anywhere at the moment. Our unique flavour blends of more than 20 ingredients for worldwide rice recipes makes us unique.

How big is the Ricelly Box? Does anyone need to be home to receive the box?

No. Our boxes are designed to fit through most standard letterboxes and do not require a signature.

How do I order a free trial box?

Go to ‘Show Meals’ page > Choose 4 recipes of your choice > add to order > Enter delivery info (No payment required) > Receive Cookbox > Fun part - Enjoy cooking! Check our full T&Cs here.

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